The only ship to multiple address app for Shopify

You asked, and we have answered. Shipping to multiple addresses is now an option for your Shopify store! Multiship gives your customers the most flexibility when ordering from your shop. If they want 1 item delivered to 1 address and another to a completely separate location, we’ve got you covered!

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Ship a cart to multiple locations, or checkout as usual

Multiship enables your customers to ship a cart to as many shipping addresses as they would like, simply by click a simple checkbox.

Shipping rates selected per address

Charging shipping rates on multiple addresses can be complicated. That’s why we built in shipping rate selection on a per item basis when shipping to multiple addresses.

Select from a saved address, or enter a new one

Each time your customer uses an address to complete an order, their address is automatically saved for use on their next order.

Perfect Tax Calculation

Taxes are charged based on the shipping address of your order. We ensure that taxes are charged correctly – every time.

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