First of all, Thank you for choosing Calendar Rate!

If you have not already installed Calendar Rate, please do so by going to the Shipping Calendar app store listing

You can try out Calendar Rate for 30 days before you will be billed.

Installation is automatic, so you don't need to change any code in your theme. You will however need to enable Calendar Rate in the apps settings. You can do this by going to Shopify Admin -> Apps -> Calendar Rate -> Settings -> Enable

If you are having issues, please see troubleshooting below. If you still need assistance getting set up, feel free to get in touch.

Configuring Options #back to top

You will need to configure and enable settings within Calendar Rate in order for the app to function.

multiship options

  1. In Shopify Admin, go to Online Store -> Apps -> Calendar Rate, then click the settings button to start configuring Calendar Rate.

  2. Customize the app as desired, and enable the app when ready, using the toggle switch on the top bar.

  3. Click the save button, and your done! Calendar Rate will appear above your checkout button.

multiship options

multiship options

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Calendar Rate work with my specific shipping account?
Yes, we integrate with all major carriers to display your custom shipping rates to your customers.

Are orders organized by the date selected for fulfillment purposes?
In your Calendar Rate dashboard, we have created the Upcoming Orders section for you to keep track of the delivery date that your customer has chosen. To see this section, go into your Calendar Rate dashboard from your apps section, and then proceed to Upcoming Orders. From here, when you click on an order, it will take you straight through to the fulfillment stage.

Can I stop customers from choosing certain dates?
Yes! You can control which days of the week you allow for delivery dates. You can also block off specific dates, such as holidays, so that your customer cannot choose these. To control these settings, please go into your Edit Settings section in your Calendar Rate dashboard.

Can I style the appearance of the app on the cart page?
Absolutely. If you go into your Edit Settings section in your Calendar Rate dashboard, you can add your own Button class, change the language used under the Languages tab, and change the color scheme under the Colors tab.

Troubleshooting #back to top

If for any reason, you are not able to view Calendar Rate on your store, please review the table below:

Problem Issues + Solutions
Calendar Rate is not shown on my cart page.
  • Please ensure that the app is installed and enabled using the instructions above.
  • In some cases, a heavily customized or third party theme may not have included a required {{ content_for_header }} tag, as shown in the screenshot below. Please ensure that this tag is in your theme.liquid file.

    To check for this liquid tag, go to Shopify Admin, click on "Online Store", click on the "Actions" button over your published theme, then click "Edit Code". Your theme.liquid file will be located in the Layout folder.

Shipping rates are not showing up on the Calendar.
  • Please ensure you have enabled shipping rates for your destination in Shopify Admin. You can check this by going to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Shipping.
  • Custom Carrier Calculated Rate API endpoints may not be supported, unless a time in transit response is included in the rate response.
  • Some carriers do not provide time in transit responses for International shipments. Depending on your country, and the service provider you use to calculate shipping, transit times may not be included. Please contact us so we can see where the issue may be.
Discount codes are not showing up during checkout when a shipping rate is selected on the cart page.
  • Please enable discount codes in Calendar Rates app settings, following the instructions above. This will add a discount code step to Calendar Rate on the cart page.


Sorry to see you go! If you are having an issue with the app, please feel free to reach out to our support team in order to troubleshoot any issues!

To uninstall calendar rate, all you need to do is go to Shopify Admin -> Apps, and click the remove button beside the apps name. Shipping Calendar will no longer appear on your store.